Building A High Performance Sales Team

The Sales Process

It is extremely important for the development of any business that the central role of Sales and Marketing is recognised, not just by management, but throughout the whole company. Ideally everyone within your organisation needs in some respect to be a ‘salesperson’ and a motivated one at that!

Moreover, it is also important to recognise that every business needs a clearly defined ‘Sales Process’ and the maximum benefit needs to be extracted from each step in that process. The most important thing for any Managing Director / Owner (MDO) is to make sure that not only is the Sales Process properly managed but also the people involved in Selling are managed as well.

How We Can Help You Grow Sales

The Selling Function is an area in which Directors and Senior Associates of Focus Business Advisers have strong theoretical knowledge and years of practical experience and we are more than happy to help any MDO grow sales for the company. Normally this involves identifying / clarifying / implementing a Sales Process within the company and then helping with the management and motivation of the sales team, to maximise sales.
Developing A High Performance Sales Team

The following are the key areas where we can help in terms of your sales, sales process and sales team: –

  • Building or reconsidering your Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Creating your Business Development Plan or your Sales and Marketing Plan
  • Clarifying and if necessary specifying and building your ‘Sales Process’
  • Integrating this ‘Sales Process’ throughout your company
  • Identifying the key issues and blocks preventing top performance from your Sales Team
  • Helping you to build an effective Sales Team
  • Who are the natural sales people in your organisation?
  • How to structure your sales force
  • Finding and helping to recruit the right sales people
  • Identifying the individual strengths and weaknesses of members of your sales team
  • Helping to coach individuals and teams to build on their strengths and to overcome their weaknesses
  • Helping you to manage and motivate your team effectively
  • Helping to inculcate and build an effective sales / marketing ‘attitude’ throughout the organisation, through individual coaching and team building

Learn More About The Sales Process

Read the excellent article “Sales and Selling” by Martin Cuppage and Frank Dold to learn more about the “Sales Process”.


If you would like to get assistance to help improve the performance of your Sales Team please contact:

Martin Cuppage, Director