A Marketing System

Do you have a recognised “System” for your Marketing activities in your business – a system which clearly establishes who your potential customers are and ‘warms them up’, so that they are open and encouraged to become your customers?  How intimately do you actually know your clients and particularly your potential clients?

Our Marketing experts in Focus Business Advisers (FBA) can bring your business to the next level of development through a thorough process of re-examining your business, to re-discover and develop the potential of your business and that of your products / services.

Our Marketing Services

FBA offers a range of services to SMEs in respect of Marketing & Sales depending on their needs.  Essentially many SMEs do not have specialist Directors with responsibility for Marketing and Sales, with many Managing Director / Owners carrying out either or both of these functions within their businesses.

Sales & Marketing are the basic lifeblood of any business and these are the areas where any Managing Director / Owner (MDO) needs to start if he/she wishes to develop the business.  The FBA team can help with specialist skills in these areas, providing practical assistance to management to bring the company to its next level of development or to help seize opportunities in these areas.

The FBA Holistic Approach

We do this through an ‘holistic’ approach – effectively re-examining the heart of a company to re-build the complete Marketing & Sales Strategy from the ground up, to put in place the best foundations or ‘building blocks’ for the future.  The optimal Marketing-Sales Plan can be developed from such a Strategy.  We then help the MDO with every step he/she has to take from the basic strategy building blocks, right through to the detailed execution of all the elements of a marketing plan to generate the ‘leads’ needed to build or re-build the business.

Whatever the task, from developing the core marketing strategy of an SME, right through to delivering the core message on your products or services to your target market or business prospects, we in FBA have the experience, the skills and the motivation to make things happen for you (and yes – we enjoy helping MDO’s, no matter what the challenge or opportunity!)

Typical Services We Provide To SMEs

Here are some of the things we do – if any of these strike a chord with you do drop us an email.

  • Building (or re-assessing) the core elements of a Business or Marketing Strategy
  • Building  the Marketing System in your business to produce prospects, leads & more committed regular customers
  • Help with specific elements of your marketing mix – to make them more effective
  • Creating and building brands
  • Creating and helping to execute appropriate and cost effective Marketing-Sales Plans
  • Identifying and helping to brief specialist suppliers in the area of marketing plan delivery e.g. designers; promotional and advertising agencies; website designers and internet marketing houses – including effective social media specialists
  • Helping to inculcate and build an effective sales marketing ‘attitude’ throughout the organisation through individual coaching and team building.

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