Performance Management

Achieving A Step Change in Performance

For many owners and managers it is very difficult finding the time to stand back from the day–to-day running of the business to take stock of the performance and development of their most valuable resource – their staff.

Good people management is at the heart of building a successful, high performance business and management is all about achieving success through people.  Manage your staff properly and enable them to maximise their own contributions to the success of the business.

This is particularly true in the current environment where, for many businesses, there have been huge changes to their operations, their market and their competitive set.  The need to take a good look at the fundamentals of the business and to understand how to improve performance has never been greater.

A properly thought out and well implemented Performance Development Programme will help drive a step change in the performance levels of your staff, in a positive and motivational way.  This will deliver benefits for both the business and staff.

Why Do It?

To deliver benefits for both the business and the staff; these extend from delivering tangible benefits such as increased sales & earnings to providing a basis for Succession Management.

An Approach

Update your business objectives and the allocation of them to the various teams and individuals. This should result in a statement of personal commitment by your staff to the goals and objectives of the company.  This commitment should be reinforced by linking the objectives to the company’s Rewards process.  A Training programme, geared to the needs of the company, would ensure you have the skills in-house to meet the company’s strategic objectives.

In Short…

The implementation of a properly thought out Performance Development Programme has tremendous upside possibilities for all businesses.  It is underpinned by mutuality – a real sharing of benefits; these types of benefits endure.


If you would like help to improve the performance and motivation of your staff and to build a successful business in the process, please contact:

Shay Roche, Director