The Institute for Independent Business (IIB)

All of our partners and Senior Associates have been accredited by the Institute for Independent Business (IIB) and have gone through a thorough selection and training process in order to act as advisers to the SME sector.

The IIB is a not-for-profit research and accreditation organisation established in 1984 in the UK to give independent businesses direct access to senior business people so bringing practical advice & timely ideas to the business.

The IIB is the largest organisation of its type in Europe with hundreds of associates having now been through the accreditation process. Working primarily with businesses in the ‘small to medium sized’ (SME) sector, the IIB network places at their disposal mature senior executives to use as ‘sounding boards’ providing support and mentoring whenever and wherever it is required.

There are now over 3,000 IIB associates around the world, representing one of the biggest business networks of its type available globally. The network has expanded to 26 countries. This represents a huge resource for Focus Business Advisers to ‘tap into’ on behalf of our clients – a resource akin to that available to only the very largest consulatncy organisations. Some of our IIB colleagues internationally, including the UK, specialise in providing access to local markets. Whether you wish to expand your sales internationally or source some product or supply need globally, Focus Business Advisers can, through the IIB network, make a significant contribution to meeting those needs.

To learn more about the IIB click here: Institute For Independent Business